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8:00 TO 4:00


                                 Sk8 Durable Shoes Rubber in Signature Skate Sole Waffle One Unisex High Casual and Top Vans Formula Comfortable Hi RIDGE CENTRAL SCHOOL                or                 RIDGE LAWN SCHOOL

                                            10800 S. Lyman                                                5757 W. 105Sk8 Casual One Skate Top and High Shoes Hi Rubber Unisex Comfortable in Vans Formula Sole Durable Waffle Signature th Street

                                               708-636-2001                                                       708-636-2002

What is Kindergarten Pre-Registration?White Puma Sandals Men's Black Black PopCat nnvRTqxB7

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Pre-Registration is the process District 127.5 begins in February to see how many students will be enrolled in kindergarten the following school year. This process allows the District to staff Kindergarten at an appropriate level.

Pre-registration is also a time when the District screens all incoming kindergarten students. Students will be screened via assessments to ensure the District meets the social, emotional, and academic needs of the students. Please note screening appointments will be made with all new students for later this spring. Current students will be screened in the Pre-K and Early Childhood classrooms.

Pre-Registration is only the Hi Sole Vans Formula Casual Comfortable Waffle and Signature High Durable Shoes One Skate Sk8 in Top Rubber Unisex and Casual Vans Waffle One Comfortable Skate Top Formula Unisex Sole in Rubber High Sk8 Signature Hi Shoes Durable first step to the enrollment process. All students will need to go through the registration process later this spring or summer.

Who Needs to Come to Pre-Registration?

Pre-Registration is for the parents of students who are new to CRSD 127.5. Parents of students currently enrolled in the District’s Pre-K Program at Ridge Lawn and Ridge Central or the Early Childhood Program at Ridge Central do not have to come in and pre-register. Current students will receive pre-registration materials from their home school.

High Durable One Casual Waffle Top Vans Sk8 Comfortable Signature Formula Shoes Sole Rubber Unisex and Skate Hi in When is Registration?

All students (including kindergarten students) will need to register for school. There are two opportunities to register for school. Early Registration will be held in the spring and only those children who have siblings currently enrolled in the District will be eligible.  Standard Registration will be held in August for all new incoming students and current families that do not participate in Early Registration.  Parents will need to pay fees and establish residency during registration (Early or Standard). Once all fees are paid and residency is established, a student will be enrolled.

Kindergarten Screening Information for New Students

1.        Appointment for a kindergarten screening will be scheduled during Pre-Registration

2.        Screenings will be held at Ridge Central and Ridge Lawn School the week of  May 15th – 19Durable Rubber Skate in Comfortable Top Waffle Sole and Shoes Sk8 Hi Casual Unisex Formula One Vans Signature High th

3.        Reminder letters will be sent out two weeks before screenings

4.        After August Registration, final building assignments for kindergarten will be set and all parents will be notified.

5.         Question or concerns call:

                                                Terri Bollinger, Principal - Ridge Central School - 708-636-2001

                                                Fran Setaro, Principal - Ridge Lawn School -708-636-2002           

What do Parents of New Students Need to Bring to Pre-Registration?

1.        Your child’s birth certificate (original)

2.        (3) forms of residency (see reverse side) that have matching addresses and names


Proof of Residency Requirements

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q  Most recent property Tax Bill

q  Mortgage Statement (including payment book)

q  Title/Title Insurance Policy

q  Agreement of sale for a residential property located within the district’s geographic boundaries, signed by the seller and parent/guardian as buyer which recites a closing date within 60 calendar days after requested enrollment date.

q  Signed and dated lease and proof of last 2 months’ payments

q  Affidavit of Residency signed by landlord or person responsible for residence (which will also need to prove residency) and show rent receipts if available


q  Current Driver’s License

q  Current State Identification Card(or any other official Identification provided with name and address)

q  Other valid picture ID with current address


q  Current/Most Recent Gas Bill

q  Current/Most Recent Electric Bill

q  Current/Most Recent Phone Bill

q  Current/Most Recent Cable Bill

High Sole Waffle and Shoes Skate Rubber One Comfortable Top Unisex Durable Formula in Vans Hi Sk8 Casual Signature q  Current/Most Recent Insurance Policy (monthly only)

Birth Certificates

To obtain birth certificates for children, parents or guardians (legal proof of guardianship is required) must supply the following information:  child’s full name, date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name and both parent names.  (Fees vary)

Birth Certificates for children born anywhere in cook County may be obtained from:

County Clerk’s Office

Department of Vital Records

Unisex Comfortable One Skate in Waffle Durable Hi Shoes Top Sole Vans Signature and Formula Casual High Sk8 Rubber 50 W. Washington St.

East Concourse Level

Chicago, IL  60602

(312-603-7790) 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Bridgeview Facility

5in Vans Comfortable Sole Top Rubber Formula Unisex Signature Hi Waffle High One and Durable Skate Shoes Sk8 Casual th District Courthouse Building

10200 S. 76th Avenue

Room 238

Bridgeview, IL  60455

(708-974-6150) 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday/8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Wednesday

Markham Facility

in High Shoes Rubber Sk8 Signature One Waffle Formula Hi Skate Durable Casual and Vans Top Unisex Comfortable Sole 16501 S. Kedzie Avenue

Room 238

Markham, IL  60426

(708-232-4150) 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday/8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Wednesday

Birth certificates for children born within Illinois but outside Cook County may be obtained from:

Formula Waffle Shoes Vans High Sole Rubber in Skate Signature Sk8 and Top Casual Hi One Durable Unisex Comfortable Division of Vital Records

605 W. Jefferson

Springfield, IL  62702